In May 2016, I joined Brother Cycles and Pannier on an unsupported cycle tour to the remote north-west of Scotland, equipped with only our bikes, survival gear and a camera. The resulting film, Beulah, documents our search for the heavily beaten track to the UK's most north-westerly point, all inspired by a 1970s OS Second Series map. Soundtrack by James Lucas of Boneshaker Magazine.

Special thanks go to Taxi Studio, Thom Heald, Remco Merbis, JJ, Bristol Dropouts, James Lucas and Boneshaker Magazine for the continuous support throughout the preparation, shooting and editing of this trip – and of course to Will, Stefan and Jordan for bringing a unique opportunity my way.

Check out more of the trip in the below gallery, with all photos thanks to Jordan Gibbons & Pannier. Read more about the trip here.